Welcome you to the “New”, Bryant Theological Seminary. We began in 1937 with the earnest and sincere desire to provide a quality religious educational experience to all who desired to serve our Lord in the most enlightened and informed manner possible. Today, we seek to continue that mission, and would like to introduce you to a school that will excite and awaken everyone to the limitless possibilities that exist at Bryant Theological Seminary Online.

In conjunction with the celebration of its 80th Anniversary, Bryant Theological Seminary is launching its first ever online courses. Degree programs include a Certificate in Biblical Studies and an Associate Degree in Biblical Studies. Several concentrations will be offered under each program.

Here on our new site, you will learn of…
• The programs of study and the requirements for completion of each program
• The Admission policies and procedures, and how to enroll in class
• You will meet our top-notch experienced faculty
• Our academic calendar and date that we will begin registration and classes

Who should consider courses and a degree at Bryant?
We are seeking the high school graduate who wants to begin their journey towards being a trained lay person or clergy, but needs the time, flexibility, schedule and a cost effective way of getting started. Another person would be a part-time or full-time pastor that has not had the time, resources or flexibility to continue their academic pursuits. Finally, church members, college students, and all individuals having a desire to be trained in ministry in order to serve the local congregation, their community and the world, are encouraged to attend.

We are so excited about what the Lord is doing in our midst. It is our sincere prayer that you will join us in one of the most exciting times in the history of Bryant Theological Seminary. Allow us to help you along the path of purpose in ministry and life.